About us

A success story

For over two decades, Call&Man GP&T, has been working in procurement and supply chain activities throughout the world (in Africa and Europe,  Latin America and Caribbean areas,  India and China) supplying equipment and products for international companies specialized in Gold ore mining process, open pit mines and quarries; security, ballistic and law enforcement, with a proven expertise in multi modal logistic and reverse logistic. Starting in the 90’s, Call & Man GP&T developed and strengthened over the years, all facets of the logistics business, from negotiation to transportation, while generating valuable strategic alliances around the world with certified suppliers and other actors in international trade.

Call & Man GP&T has offices in Spain, China and Mexico, and offers SERVICES that range from consulting to the full execution of commercial operations of any size.


Over these decades, our commitment has been to defends and share with our partners the values of honesty and transparency, efficiency, reliability, hasty communication…. Our customers can benefit from the advantage of an important company and deserve tailor-made services and attention as granted from dedicated company. Thanks to the trust placed in Call&Man GP&T by international companies and organizations in such diverse market fields.


Anne Avargues-Callamand

Malaga, Spain

Lydia Chen

Shenzhen, China

Yudi Fernandez